Do They Have Any Idea?

The other day I received a message from a young girl who had a story to tell and this girls story just happened to be incredibly sad.

At the age of 13 she was raped. She was brutally attacked by one of her school teachers. Her attack was one of such violence she was hospitalised after being left ripped, bloody and pregnant. And years later she found herself being hospitalised, but this time for the emotional and mental damage her rapist had caused. Her rapist was never convicted and was left to freely roam the schools halls, possibly able to subject another young individual to the horrors of rape.

After hearing this incredibly brave individuals story I began to think, do rapists have any idea how much their actions affects their victims?  tumblr_static_filename_640_v2

This individual, at the age of 13, was left with mental scars that no child should be left with. She was left paranoid and scared of her own father. She was left unable to sleep, crying and filled with self blame.

Unfortunately this was not the only story I received, and later on that day I received another message from another incredibly brave individual who suffered at the hands of her attackers for a number of years.

At the age of only 3 years old she was held down by two grown men and raped. But this was  not a one off incident for this young girl. Her horror story was to continue for 9 years. The older she got the more she bravely fought back but this just lead to her being beaten and drugged. Lucky people stepped in and her rapists were caught but this did not fix the damage that had already been caused.

At such an incredibly young age depression took over and untreated it manifested itself into something much worse. It lead to self harm, drugs and alcohol and during the darkest moments it turned into thoughts of suicide.

I am extremely happy to share with you that one of the girls who shared their story with me is able to proudly say that today she is 8 months free of cutting. But why are individuals being forced to celebrate such milestones? Why are people hurting these people to a point that they felt the need to go to such extreme measures in the first place? Do rapists really have any idea how much their actions are affecting their victims?







2 Comments Add yours

  1. ali says:

    I can’t believe what I read and I can’t believe that people keep doing the same shit smh it makes my cry when


    1. Alia says:

      I feel ya. It hurts to kno that ppl would do this.


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